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cyclz 0.98

The cyclz plugin lets users define any number of flavour-sensitive variables for use in story() templates; each variable can be assigned any number of return values. The plugin will then cycle through each variable's list of values each time the story routine runs as Blosxom builds a page.

cyclz is useful for things like producing alternating styles for entries. Samples of blog and index styling via cyclz are available on this page.

Installing cyclz

To install cyclz, first open the file and look down at the "Configuration Section"; enter values as instructed; save. Then, drop the file into your Blosxom plugins folder. You will also need to create a "cycles.flavour_name" file for each flavour for which you want to supply variables (described below), and -- of course -- enter the variable names into your flavour files. That's it.

Configuring cyclz

Enter configuration values for the options described below; create a "cycles.flavour_name" file for each flavour for which you want supply variables; and enter the variable names into your flavour files.

the Cycles file : you tell cyclz what values to use with which variables with which flavours by creating "cycles" files. Each file should be named "cycles.flavour_extension" (without the quotes). For example, cycles.html will add alternating variables to your "html" flavour story template; cycles.index is for your "index" flavour; etc. The "cycles" files should be placed in your Blosxom plugins' state folder.

The $cycles_path var tells cyclz the complete path to your cycles files are located. Leaving this blank will let cyclz automatically use blosxom's plugins state directory.

Making Cycles Files

In the cycles files, you supply a name and values for as many variables as you want. Each variable and its values go on one line, like this
  variable_name:value 1,value 2,value 3,value 4

The variable_name can be only one word long, and must appear first, and it must be separated from your list of values by a colon. Items in the list must be separated by commas (and so, commas can't be used in your values; neither can newlines). You can specify as many variables as you want for each flavour, and as many values as you want for each variable.


DOWNLOAD cyclz 0.98